The I Don’t Know Band on June 21st 2022 at Chez GrandMa’s Restaurant in Le Grand Pressigny.

Every year, on the 21st June, France holds its National Fête de La Musique. Every musician in the country is faced with the all important decision, “Where do I go to play?” Almost every Village, club, organisation, school or restaurant has an event, so there are plenty of opportunities.

​This year we, that is the “I Don’t Know Band” (Dave Brown, David Henderson and Cally Cheetham,) were invited to play at GrandMa’s Restaurant in Le Grand Pressigny. The owners, Henry and Julie put on a Charcuterie meal and dessert, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the 35 guests who booked in to eat. They were joined by many passing visitors who called in to listen to the music and to share a drink.

​Traditionally, all musicians play for free on this special night, so you never really know who might be playing for you.

​Thanks to everyone who came to listen to us and to enjoy the food and ambiance at Chez GrandMa’s.